It’s your time! We have the key for you.

You are ready to be your BEST self and we are the catalyst to get you there.  We are more than an amazing educational platform with the latest longevity tools and strategies….we are your new family, team and tribe to work with you to get you to where you want and deserve to be.

What’s our why?

We exist to help 100 million people around the world to learn about how to live a long, healthy and meaningful life.

Our platform transforms lives and we’re proud to have over 5,000 members – and growing every day.  Many of those have had their lives advanced through the latest scientific and medically validated anti-aging, longevity and regenerative therapies.  We’re grateful for your support and friendship.

Longevity Training Academy Vision
Longevity Training Academy Speakers

The Best Educators

Our team of experts, speakers, mentors, instructors and teachers set us apart and bring the information to life.

Creating a science-based educational training program is a very involved process that requires the expertise of a variety of skilled individuals. Once our comprehensive courses are created, our expert industry-savvy educators present the materials in an exciting and memorable way. Our operations/logistics team then ensures that our team is delivering the best experience possible to participants.

Giving is Living

Another part of our mission is to give back to those that need our help.

There are many ways to give….money, time, a shoulder to lean on…we even have a course coming on the science of giving….our way of giving back to our community is through providing scholarships to those in need.  We have embedded giving into our DNA.  We offer to pay our employees to volunteer for nonprofits of their choice.  We support nonprofits that are aligned with our vision by dedicating 10% of our annual profits. If you are a member and have a nonprofit you would like us to support, please reach out to us with your ideas.

Longevity education scholarships
Richard Diamond longevity expert

Education is in Our Blood

Rick Diamond is the founder of Icann Ventures, the parent company of the Longevity Training Academy. Diamond is a dynamic, 3x CEO with deep domain knowledge in the health, wellness and longevity sectors. He also is a mentor for young companies looking to grow and scale.  He is a father of 2 amazing kids, husband, son, brother, friend, mountaineer, athlete, and mentor.  He recently hiked Mt. Rainier, Whitney, Shasta and has plans to summit Mt. Fuji in Japan, Mt. Blanc in the French Alps and Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa.  Join him on a future journey and plan on summiting one of these country topping peaks to enjoy your commitment to Peak Performance.  And consider joining our Inner Circle, an accelerator for those that are driven to transform the world with their businesses.  Become a Free Member and you’ll learn more!

Our Instructors

We are very happy to be working with an amazing group of educators, instructors, speakers, advisors & mentors.

We are always looking for new educators, speakers and mentors to join us on the journey. We are looking to add advisors, experts, trainers, marketing partners, medical professionals, manufacturers, and others….please let us know if you are interested!

Dr. Shyrlena Bogard Longevity Training Academy

Dr. Shrylena Bogard

Sexual Health Doctor

Charlie Piermarini, Longevity Training Academy

Charlie Piermarini

Physician’s Assistant

Christy Thiel Longevity Training Academy

Christy Theil, MNT

Master Nutrition Therapist

Dr. Jeanette Jacknin, Longevity Training Academy

Dr. Jeanette Jacknin


Sean Gale, Longevity Training Academy

Sean Gale


Jimm Harrison, Longevity Training Academy

Jimm Harrison

Master Formulator

Join Our Longevity Movement

This is BIG, really BIG.  Become a part of the Longevity Movement and learn something new every day.  Transform yourself into a new, vibrant and thriving member of our community.  Some of our valued Sponsors, corporate clients, partners and educators are listed below.