When you join the Longevity Training Academy you become part of an international network of individuals, professionals, business leaders and practitioners that focus on wellness & longevity.

We are more than an educational organization. Members become a part of an inspirational platform for exploring and embracing breakthroughs for human longevity. Some of the topics you’ll learn about: Photobiomodulation, Fasting, Advanced Supplements (NMN, NAD, Resveratrol…), Stem Cells, Cryotherapy, and so much more!

Longevity Training Academy Education

The Freshwater Pearl Muscle lives to be 250 years old and Black Coral is said to live  for more than 4000 years.  We’re living in a new age where scientists are predicting that human aging can be extended as well and that these scientific discoveries are here and now, not in some wishful future. Extending human life and health is what the Longevity Training Academy’s courses are all about.  If you’re in the wellness business, this is the future that’s expanding right before our eyes. If you’re interested in finding out how you can take advantage of this incredible, explosive new market you’re in the right place.  

Longevity Courses

Learn about Regenerative Medicine, Antiaging, Wellness and Longevity.

Health & Wellness can be confusing but our online education platform and marketplace make it easy for you to gain the confidence to improve your health with the latest, scientifically and medically validated information.  Our team of expert instructors each have decades of successful experience.  The information will provide you with important health, longevity and antiaging strategies for today and tomorrow.

Red Light Therapy

Learn how this can improve cellular regeneration and reverse sun damage.

Food as Medicine

Learn all about the profound effects certain foods can have on your health & why.


Learn the science behind the health benefits of supplements & which are the best for you.

Sexual Health

Having a healthy sex life can add 8 years to your life, learn how & why.

Intermittent Fasting

Learn evidence-based health benefits of this eating platform that will change your life.

Recovery & Sleep

Learn how to turn your sleep into your super-power for recovery & optimal health.


Learn which forms of exercise produce the best health benefits.

Healthy Brain

Mental decline is optional. Learn how to generate new cells & increase brain plasticity.

Longevity Training Academy Lifelong Learner

Become an expert

We all want to look and feel better so this is an important focus here.  Yes, lifespan is important but more important is the quality of your time here on earth.  Our team delivers exceptional content, courses and products to help you on your journey.  When you look good, it’s easier to feel good and each decision you make every day has an impact on your life.

Scientifically and Medically Validated Information

When you’re healthy you feel better and perform better at work and in life.  Yet, most struggle to prioritize personal health. At the Longevity Training Academy, we empower people, with access to the latest medically and scientifically validated online health classes that lead to peak performance, improved relationships and a better life.

Longevity classes
Longevity experts

Expert Instructors Set us Apart

We are very happy to be working with an amazing group of educators, instructors, speakers, advisors & mentors.

Interested in becoming one of our team of Educators?  Join more than 35 experts from around the world and throughout all aspects of the wellness, longevity and biohacking industries.

Change Your Life Right Now

Part of being healthy is living your best life today.  Mastering your wellness and owning your health is where you are going with us and our membership, education, mentorship and other programs will guide you along your journey.

Longevity training

“This has been a paradigm shift for me and my clients!”

I am happy to be taking the time to learn more about how to improve my longevity and for my clients as well. I feel confident about all of the positive changes that I have been learning about.  I also feel like I am part of the Longevity Training Academy family too.  THANK YOU!

James Stillman, Personal Trainer

Longevity learning


What’s our WHY?

We believe that health = wealth and these wellness building strategies are like oxygen…breathe in deep, do things differently, smile, give, exercise, eat fresh colorful foods, meditate, connect with family and friends, have fun & laugh, invest in sustainable companies, live and learn every day, join our movement and live a long and healthy life today!

What makes us unique?

Everything here is unique and different, starting with the people that lead the movement and those that join.  We’re all change agents that believe in the power of each and every one of us to live the life of our dreams.  Join us and let us build the bridge to your dreams with you.

Who do we serve?

We educate anyone interested in leading a vibrant and healthy life.  Business owners, alternative care providers, doctors, nurses and those seeking to extend their lives.  

Where are members from?

With over 5,000 alumni, our members are from all around the world.  With members from over 50 countries, we plan on spreading the movement to EVERY country on earth and then to Mars with Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos!

Who are the instructors?

MD’s, RN’s, PA’s, PT’s, Pharmacists, Nutritionists, Athletes, Trainers, CEO’s, PhD’s, Biohackers, and other experts in the health, wellness, anti-aging, longevity sectors.

What topics do we cover?

We offer education about the science of longevity as well as how to grow your wellness business.  We also offer certification programs to enhance industry credentials as well as individual coaching and business mentoring programs.

How can I get involved?

We are grateful for your interest in joining our movement.  The first step is to become a member.  Once you’ve done that, please reach out to us on our Contact page and someone from our leadership team will reach out to you.  Thank you!

Starter Membership

When you become a Starter Member, you join an international network of people, professionals, business leaders, and practitioners. We are more than an educational organization. Members become a part of an inspirational platform for personal health & growth.  You’ll get instant access to a library of courses from the best and brightest instructors and so much more.  LEARN MORE

Premium Courses & Coaching

Our premium courses give you a deeper dive on topics that will improve your wellness, health and longevity.  Get in-depth knowledge on the most important topics that deliver real results when it comes to your health.  Our expert educators provide you with the tools, knowledge and step-by-step guides to living longer, happier, healthier lives.  LEARN MORE

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