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Longevity Courses

Longevity 101

Learn the Top 15 Longevity strategies that you can use to get started on your longevity journey.  Longevity Training Academy Founder, Rick Diamond, takes you through the list.


Osteogenic Loading

Learn why we lose bone mass as we age and how to reverse the trend with this biohack.  Brent Jordan, will take you through the benefits of osteogenic loading step by step.


Learn Intermittent Fasting 101

During our IF 101 Masterclass, you will learn all about time restricted eating including: Benefits of IF, Different Protocols, What to Eat & When, Who this is good for and Other Fasting Options.


Quantum Hydration Fundamentals

Learn what Quantum Water is and how it can transform your body and energize your day with Michelle Barry, an international expert on structured water with micronized nutrients.


Cryotherapy for Longevity

Learn why celebrities and professional athletes are using cryotherapy for recovery and longevity and how you can get the benefits yourself with global cryotherapy leader, Antra Getzoff.


How to Improve Your Immunity

Dr. Philip Blair takes you deep into the most important strategies to improve your immune system to get and stay healthy during these trying times.


Red Light Therapy for Cellular Health

Learn how this can improve cellular regeneration and reverse sun damage.


Essential Oils For Immunity

Learn from Master Formulator, Jimm Harrison, who provides an introduction to the world of therapeutic essential oils.


How to Choose Supplements That Work

Learn the science behind the health benefits of supplements & which are the best for you.


How to Improve Sexual Health

Dr. Shyrlena Bogard teaches us how having a healthy sex life can add 8 years to your life- learn how & why.


Making Sleep Your Superpower

Learn how to turn your sleep into your super-power for recovery & optimal health.


How to Lower Anxiety & Stress

Charlie Piermarini, PA-C, gives us strategies to manage your mood during difficult times.


Premium Courses to Grow Your Business

Learn how to master your wellness or longevity business and achieve extraordinary growth

Longevity Training Academy - 1 Page Marketing course
Longevity Training Academy - email marketing course
Linkedin lead generation course for your wellness business
Affiliate Marketing course for longevity or wellness company
Webinar Marketing for longevity or wellness company
Vision board course
How to build a high performing sales team
financial management course for your wellness business
Longevity Training Academy -Lead Generation Mastery course

Professional Business Coaching

Elevate your business leadership skills with a best-in-class, experienced executive coach. Our experienced executive coaches have significant experience leading companies of all sizes, growth stages in the health & wellness industry. Grow mindsets & skillsets while troubleshooting challenges & creating opportunities.


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