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  • Food as Medicine: July 22nd

  • Pet Longevity 101: August 26th


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Food as Medicine Masterclass

July 22nd

1 PM Pacific

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Longevity and Anti-aging can be confusing but our online training platform and marketplace make it easy for you to gain the confidence to improve your health with the latest, scientifically and medically validated information.  Our team of expert educators each have decades of successful experience.  The information will provide you with important health, longevity and antiaging strategies for today and tomorrow. You will learn to become your best self and enjoy every day.

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Thank you for the amazing masterclass about the Top Ten Longevity Strategies.  I’m starting with an assessment and then I’ll be ready to engage with one of your Longevity Coaches.

Alicia Milano, Owner, Executive Yoga & Pilates


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