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Our sponsors and partners are the best in the longevity ecosystem and we are proud to be associated with these leading-edge longevity companies, nonprofits, research organizations and foundations.

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The Longevity Training Academy provides our sponsors and partners with numerous opportunities to promote themselves directly, throughout the year. You can be part of a conference, masterclass, or workshop or add your name to our websites, newsletter, or even a direct mailer to our entire community!  Our stakeholders include wellness practitioners and consumers throughout the US and in over 50 countries around the world. 


We welcome new sponsors and partners to join us on this journey. We are looking to add longevity companies with products and services that help our stakeholders, research institutions that are advancing the science, conferences looking to partner and others….please let us know if you are interested.  Your next step will be to schedule a call with us!

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Sponsors and Partners

Prolon FMD for Longevity

ProLon Fasting Mimicking Diet

Scientifically validated fasting protocol for Longevity.

The Fasting Plan That Lets You Eat 

ProLon is unlike any other fasting nutrition program

  • Precision nutrition gives you essential nutrients but doesn’t activate your body’s food sensing system
  • Based on over 20 years of scientific research funded by such institutions as the National Institutes of Health
  • You are essentially fasting with food

Biolight red light therapy

BioLight Red Light Therapy

Backed by over 10,000 scientific studies

BioLight helps recharge the human battery

BioLight creates innovative, leading-edge red light therapy technology and education for the masses

  • Red light therapy (RLT) is an innovative technique that utilizes specific red & near-infrared wavelengths from the light spectrum to promote health, wellness & longevity. These amazing benefits are achieved through modulation of inflammation, improved circulation boosting the health & function of your mitochondria.

CAROL AI Powered Workout Bike

CAROL AI Powered Workout Bike

Designed by scientists, the workout lasts just 8 minutes

CAROL is a Personalized Stationary Bike

Its AI-powered algorithms use your biometric and performance data to instantly create and apply personalized resistance to achieve supramaximal power in every ride. As a result, you can get long-term fitness improvement by exercising under nine minutes a day for eight weeks. CAROL’s primary program designed by scientist lasts just 8 minutes and 40 seconds. All you need to do is pedal, while CAROL adjusts the resistance and power to your personal fitness level and performance capabilities using AI-powered algorithms and scientific research protocol.

Fastbar for longevity

Fast Bar – Smart Way to Intermittent Fast

The food hack that won’t break your fast

Fast Bar – Skip hunger, boost energy so you can fast for longer

Plant based protein, Non-GMO, Gluten Free

  • Fast Bar’s recipe is designed to nourish your body while maintaining its fasting state. For that reason, it’s best enjoyed during either your morning intermittent fasting window or as a late-night snack to satiate you before bed.

    Similar to water, our delicious flavors do not raise your blood glucose levels and keep your ketones in a fasting state*!

Life Extension for Longevity

Life Extension Longevity Supplements

You want to live a longer, healthier life. You have come to the right place.

Achieve your goals with the best nutritional products that science can offer. Become an expert in your body’s unique needs by accessing groundbreaking information about the science of wellness, right at your fingertips. Got questions? You can talk to our experts—doctors, nutritionists, nurses—even find out exactly what your body needs with our blood testing services.


OsteoStrong for longevity

OsteoStrong – The Ultimate Biohack

A Unique System for Developing Skeletal Strength

OsteoStrong® works for people at all ages and levels of activity to promote skeletal strength which impacts the entire body in many ways using a process known as Osteogenic Loading. Sessions are quick, painless, and results are measurable and happen quickly. There are a few things to know prior to coming in your first time so that you can make the best of the experience.

Rewire for Longevity

Rewire Quantum Hydration

Structured Water for Quantum hydration™

We’ve been studying water for 30 years, and one thing we know is not all water is the same. The first step to cellular health is hydrating the cells throughout. Rewire® combines stabilized structured water with micronized nutrients to deliver a more effective way for water molecules to safely, naturally and more efficiently penetrate cell membranes. Unlike other waters Rewire® delivers not only extra-cellular hydration, but detoxifies and replenishes the inside of your cells for intra-cellular hydration for cellular health and repair. Rewire® the way you think about water by restoring your cells from the inside out. Supported by clinical studies, Rewire®:


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Join over 250,000 people taking control of their health with Viome. 

A world class team of founders, scientists, translational scientists, nutritionists, researchers, doctors, and advisors focused on a single mission: help people live a healthy, disease-free life.

Health insights, personalized food recommendations, and precision supplements, formulated just for you.


Oneskin for longevity and anti-aging


We have a secret… We aren’t a skincare company

We are a longevity company. Our team is comprised of PhD-level aging experts. We’ve spent years in a lab creating the first topical skin supplement designed to extend your skinspan; the time your skin is healthy and youthful. And here you thought all supplements were pills.


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