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We provide many opportunities for you to learn about Longevity. Our Starter membership will get you access to webinars, workshops, masterclasses and other courses so that you can get started with our learning platform or try our Premium or Professional Memberships if you are committed to a higher level of knowledge.

What You Get When You Join

You are here for a reason.  It’s your time.  You are ready to be your BEST self and we are the catalyst to get you there.  We are more than an amazing educational platform with the latest personal & business health & longevity strategies….we are your new family, team and tribe to work with you to get you to where you want and deserve to be.

Course Library

As a member, you will have your own access to our course library based on the level of membership. Courses are self-paced, on-demand & can be accessed from any device around the world.

Live Masterclasses

You get access to our lineup of Longevity experts presenting the latest health & wellness topics and you can participate in a live Q & A session after each class.

Longevity Challenges

Members get inspired and motivated through our Longevity Challenges that will allow you to put your new knowledge into action and work together with other members and experts to become your best self.

New Monthly Content

Each month members have access to specialized content from our experts in longevity, anti-aging and other health and wellness topics to help you achieve your goals.

Longevity Lyfe Newsletter

Our Longevity Lyfe Newsletter will bring you the latest information, clinical studies and strategies to guide you on your longevity journey and inspire & motivate you.

Course Certificates

Each course in our premium memberships comes with a Certificate of Completion suitable for framing for your office or to put on your website.

Longevity Training Academy Membership

Become an expert

Whether you are learning for yourself or to be able to better guide your clients or patients, the Longevity Training Academy will give you the tools and knowledge to become an expert in topics that will help you and your clients look and feel better and to make every day a healthy day.


How does the starter membership work?

Becoming a starter member is an excellent way to get started on your longevity learning journey. There are no strings attached and while you can always upgrade to higher levels, there is no requirement to do so. Today is the day to get going so give it a try!

How often do you release new courses?

We’re constantly building our content library and adding new courses that are of interest to our members. If you would like us to cover a specific topic, please let us know. If you are interested in becoming one of our expert speakers, please reach out to us about this.

Do you offer One on One Programs?

Some members decide they would benefit from a more comprehensive and customized coaching service. We do offer two types of coaching: Longevity Coaching as well as Wellness Business Coaching. You can learn more about these programs throughout our site or schedule a call HERE.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes you can always cancel your membership at any time for any reason. We are looking to establish life-long relationships with each and every member but sometimes circumstances change and we understand that and support our members in every way possible.

Do all courses come with Certificates?

Certain classes come with Certifications, and other courses come with a Certificate of Completion. Certifications and Certificates of Completion are sent out after students have successfully completed the course curriculum and passing the final exam when included.

What can I do with the Certificates & Certifications?

Certifications can be printed out and hung in your place of business, posted on your website or in the window of your business, printed on your collateral materials such as your business cards or brochures or any advertisements (printed or digital) that you may create for your business. 

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