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You are a Leader in the Wellness Industry…founder, CEO, VP, Solopreneur, Sales and Marketing…You need to Stand Out, Sell More, Develop a Compelling Brand, Get More Clients, Keep Clients Longer.  The Inner Circle Marketing Mastermind is our most comprehensive solution for Entrepreneurs that are VERY serious about starting or growing their wellness business. It provides members with a balance of both strategic and tactical business guidance, with ongoing support and attention from our team of All-Star Business & Marketing Experts.
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Participate in our Monthly Group Zoom Meetings

Each month we gather our members and you will participate in a structured meeting where we collectively work on solving your most pressing business challenges. We provide inspiration, motivation with the goal of the transformation of your business.

One on One Business Coaching

As an Inner Circle Member, you will participate in a monthly session focused on reviewing each of our most important goals and we provide direct feedback on all aspects of growing your business with the emphasis on accelerating your top-line revenue.

Exclusive Group Chat for Ongoing Support

All Inner Circle Members get access to our private Group Chat to share and collaborate on a day to day basis.  You’ll be able to access resources, strategies and other experts to help you grow your business and solve problems as they arise.

Accountability Partners Provide Instant Feedback

You will be assigned an Accountability Partner from the Inner Circle group that you will check in with on a regular basis via text, chat, phone or email.  Your Accountability Partner will help to keep you on track throughout your journey.

Highest Level of Education

Each Inner Circle Member gets access to all of our new educational resources, courses, masterclasses and resources. Committing to life-long learning is an important aspect of joining our Inner Circle.

Richard Diamond longevity expert

Rick Diamond


Mr. Diamond has worked with wellness business operators for the last 15 years helping to start, build and scale transformational companies.  He’s thought provoking, energetic and will challenge your business framework and inspire positive change. Join one of our upcoming Inner Circle meetings as a guest to learn more.

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Free Courses

When you become a free member, you join an international network of people, professionals, business leaders and practitioners. We are more than an educational organization. Members become a part of an inspirational platform for personal & business growth.  You’ll get instant access to a library of courses from the best and brightest instructors and so much more.  LEARN MORE

Premium Courses

Our premium courses give you a deeper dive on topics that will improve your wellness, health and longevity.  Get the in-depth knowledge on the most important topics that deliver real results when it comes to your health.  Our expert educators provide you with the tools, knowledge and step-by-step guide to living longer, happier, healthier lives. LEARN MORE

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