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We’re adding new longevity speakers, educators, presenters, teachers, instructors, advisors, experts and professionals on an ongoing basis.  See some of our latest additions to our team of experts below.  Check back often to see our new faces.  

Christy Thiel Longevity Expert

Christy Thiel is a Master Nutrition Therapist and specializes in endocannabinoid health and advanced supplements. Christy is the Director of Education at Seed2System and helps people and businesses understand the opportunities that are available with supplementation, lifestyle and education.

Valerie Merrill

Valerie Merrill is the COO of the Longevity Training Academy and has been in the healthcare and wellness industry for the last 15 years.

The Top Longevity Books to Read

The Top Longevity Books to Read

The Best Longevity Books to Read Today There are a lot of great books about longevity, anti-aging and regenerative medicine.  This is a short list of some of the best longevity books out there today. Longevity Book 1 Boundless: Upgrade Your Brain, Optimize Your Body...

Top Ten Longevity Strategies for 2024

Top Ten Longevity Strategies for 2024

As we step into Q2 2024, the quest for longevity and the pursuit of anti-aging strategies have become more sophisticated and accessible. With advancements in science, technology, and a deeper understanding of human biology, individuals are now equipped with a plethora...

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